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Wonderful Wonky Weddings Launched

Posted by on 29 November 2014

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Our sister company Wonderful Wonky Weddings is launched :) Check us out on facebook: www.facebook.com/wonderfulwonkyweddings

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Distinct lack of bespokery

Posted by Mr. Wonk on 21 August 2013


You may have noticed a complete lack of bespoke projects on here thus far. Fear not wonkers! We're gathering and compiling and listing and sticking and bunching together using novelty paper clips a whole host of past projects and current ones too! Watch out for updates soon.

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Products for hire

Posted by Mr. Wonk on 16 August 2013

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We've got something in the pipeline here at On The Wonk. A new sister company to On The Wonk called Wonky Weddings. After organising and creating our own Wonky Wedding we realised there's a shortage of companies offering something a bit different from the norm. Although Wonky Weddings is far from fully formed you will start to notice from time to time things appearing on this site that are destined for Wonky Weddings when it materialises. There won't just be things to buy, but also things to hire, like for instance this gramophone & suitcase.

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Etsy Treasury Lists

Posted by Mrs. Wonk on 26 July 2013


Sometimes people find our lovely products on Etsy and include them in their 'treasury' lists.  Here are some we've been included on in the past:

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Really Good licensed 'Sumptuous Twaddle' range

Posted by Mr. Wonk on 21 June 2012

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Spellbindingly good news from Wonk Towers. Really Good Ltd. have signed us up for our 'Sumptuous Twaddle' range! Woo and very much hoo! The cards will be released next month at the Harrogate Home & Gift show and then be available for trade to buy ongoing after that. So keep an eye out in the shops because hopefully they'll be available to buy soon!

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